Counting Down the Days

With less than 20 days until my adventure to Japan, I’ve started to think of a lot of things I still need to do before I leave:

1) PACKING…-I’ve started deciding what I NEED and what I don’t. I plan on mailing a box of winter clothes (as advised), but it’s definitely different packing for a life abroad versus for college a state away. And with different customs and styles of dress, it’s a little tricky for me to figure out what clothes I need to bring for work at the schools versus what I will wear on normal days.

2) LANGUAGE…-I have only studied the Japanese language briefly while in elementary and middle school. Over the past month, I’ve slowly started figuring out how to ask where the toire is, counting to ju, and making sure to say gochisosama after eating to show respect for all the people who helped make and serve the meal I eat. Next step will be learning Hirigana and Katakana.

3) ADDRESSES…-I have been asking friends and family to e-mail, message, and write down their mailing addresses so that I can try to send them letters, postcards, and sort. I’m very glad to be getting warm wishes for my adventure, but as I’ve started compiling addresses, I’ve come to realize that there are A LOT of addresses…Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my word and be able to write to everyone. I’m not too sure how often, but from the looks of things, I could easily assign each day with someone to write to.

4) MENTALITY…-Living in a new country, surrounded by new faces and experiencing new customs and practices can be daunting. However, I’ve really taken to the idea of having the privilege to not only live in a new, foreign place, but to also represent myself, my family, and my community of Ketchikan, AK. People ask me if I’m nervous and scared. Of course! Anyone would be a smidge nervous. But more than anything, I’m excited to take this year off from my physical-science-based studies to just live, learn, and enjoy being me.

Wishing on a star,



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