Short Update

I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on the whole “blogging regularly” practice. Honestly, I should just set a time once a week, or every two weeks to sit down, think about what’s happened, and type a blog post.

So much has happened since my last post, including going on a trip to Osaka, getting a car (finally!), and getting more involved with the community.

For now, I’ll give a quick run-down/summary of what’s happened, and later (hopefully soon!) I’ll fill in the gaps with more poetic and artistic writing with pictures! (Who doesn’t love some good pictures?)

As I said, I took a trip to Osaka with my friends. It was short since it was only a three day holiday weekend, but it was still fun. Sadly, one friend was sick during our journey, so we couldn’t do as much as we wanted in addition to the time constraints. There was also the issue of our hostel being a little farther away from the night life scene, so we had to leave early to catch the last subway close to our hostel. The owners of the hostel were very nice and the place was great. It was really safe, nice amenities, and the other travelers we met  were very friendly. I will dedicate one post specifically to my Osaka trip, so stay tuned!

I also got a car! I’ve mostly been traveling to and from my town by train, or vehicle if someone offers me a ride. Thankfully I was able to get a cheap car that’s in good working condition. It’s a steal for the price I bought it for and it’s definitely a safe car due to the “shokken” that cars have to get in Japan. A “shokken” is a car check-up/service that every car in Japan must get every two years. There are big fines if you don’t get one done on time for your car. I’ve heard that many people tend to buy new cars more frequently than in the US because it’s sometimes cheaper than having to pay for the “shokken,” which can run from around $600 USD-$2,000 USD!

Additionally, I’m getting involved with the community. I started joining a weekly futsol group (aka soccer) and have met some people closer to my age there. I have also been swimming regularly at the community fitness center, and have a couple elderly y swimming buddies. I will be trying to join more of the music scene too. My first taste was with Mizuho and her husband at a City of Gero Kaichan promotion. It was great to play and sing with them (luckily it was a small crowd, so I wasn’t AS nervous as I usually am.). I am also performing at Kanayama’s Cultural Day Event…SOLO! I’m really nervous for this one. I’ll be singing and playing the ukulele on 3 songs. Wish me luck!

As I said, I’m not going into too much detail, so keep a look out for some lengthier posts about life in Japan!

If you have any specific questions about my travels or living in Japan, teaching ESL, etc., please feel free to leave  a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I can (and have time)!

Wishing on a Star


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