Traveling Tips NEEDED

I definitely am no world class traveler, although I definitely would like to be someday (sooner rather than later). One amazing thing about living in a new country, especially one in Asia, is that there are so many places to visit. Not only are there hundreds of things to see within Japan, but there are so many close neighboring countries and more accessible destinations to visit internationally.

I am planning on doing as much exploring around Japan, but I’m also planning on doing as much international travel as possible (that time and money allows). I will be leaving for a trip to Thailand at the end of March with some amazing people (including one that follows this blog :D)!

Something I wrote almost a year ago touches upon my lovely insight about seats on an airplane, which you can access at this address:

But somethings I always consider and wish I was better at include packing, language, and planning. Albeit, I love getting “lost” and finding unexpected surprises that lead to wonderful memories and relationships. But I also wish I was better at making solid travel plans. If I know ahead of time where I’m planning on going, then I can invest more time to research into sights, things to do, things to try, things to eat, etc., but if I am just going along for the ride, then I just like to go where the wind takes us (although I can’t always say that is how my traveling partner/s feel).

Another thing I need desperate tips on is packing! I am, always have been, an over-packer. I tend to have to have the motto, “Why not be over prepared than stuck with no underwear?” If you have too much stuff, you can always throw away, donate, or sell it. But if you don’t have your necessities, than you may be S.O.L. (if you don’t know what that is, google it). Yet, I also feel that I need to learn to become a light packer. Not only is it easier on your back and movement around and about, it’s also easier to use transportation, more cost effective, and leads to fewer hassles (…or not…depending on if you agree with my motto). My packing skills will definitely be put the test for my upcoming Thailand trip 🙂 I guess we will just see what happens!

So, for those of you avid travelers, or those who are just good at making decisions and planning, what travel tips do you have to share? For those of you who are really light packers, how do you make that switch and how do you stick with it? What tips do you on what to pack, how to pack, and how many of one item to pack? For those of you who’ve traveled to warm, sunny destinations, what do you recommend packing? Or those of you who have been to Thailand, what do you suggest to pack for the March Heat Madness? I’ve read many mixed things about what is appropriate to wear in Thailand.

Thanks for the help! And definitely check out my link to my post on my personal blog (one filled with what I like to call word vomit).

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