Fantasy Concert

As mentioned before, I have a lot of catching up to do with my posts. Since I’m currently on summer vacation and back in the US, I have more time on my hands to do so.


I have always been active in the music community, and when some of my adult English class students learned that I sang and played the ukulele, they were really excited.

Every April, the Ketchikan exchange teacher participates in the musical that one of the local music group produces and performs. There are many instruments, fun acting, comedy, scripts, costumes, and even the children’s bells group performs. This year was no different, minus THIS Asian American 🙂

Taking its base from the story of “Puss in boots,” one of the ladies in the group adapted a version of that story, and included musicians who were put under a spell, an evil wizard, Puss in boots, two twins, and two trusty sidekicks; one of them being me, playing a girl named, “Do Re Mi.” We practiced at one woman’s temple once a week for a month, while the rest of the group practiced twice a week, in order to get down all the transitions, musical numbers, and overall order of things.

After long rehearsals, a couple dress rehearsals, and a lot of translation and memorization of my lines, it was show time! The play opened with a mini dialogue about the backstory, then a full group song and then into the various acts of the play. I got to be comedic, scared, cute, and even help save the day! At the end, everyone played this big march, and I and Puss in boots got to parade and march through the audience and back up on stage.

It was a great musical to be a part of. It was great to act, sing, and play music with a very talented group. I am definitely looking forward to next year’s musical and the possibility of getting to play with them on other occasions.

Here’s to the music! Cheers!


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