Japanese Television

Now, when I have time to watch TV, I tend to log onto my computer and catch up on my American shows, like “Revenge,” “Awkward,” “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” etc. But time to time, I like to flip on the Japanese TV and observe the unique, over-the-top, enthusiastic Japanese game shows and news. It’s also a really good and helpful idea to watch television in a language that you’re trying to learn; it makes you have to listen for how people use the language outside of a textbook or classroom. It also helps you learn vocabulary and understand what they’re saying because you can observe the context and situations that these people/things are speaking in. Sometimes it’s like what you’d expect in the US, like “Larry King Live,” but other times, it’s like a whole other world. The games are crazy, the food looks delicious, and the contests are larger-than-life.

In addition to the Japanese game shows, there’s also the classic movies and tv shows seen in the US but with one big difference: it’s all in JAPANESE…lol.

My first month in Japan I watched an episode of “Pokemon ” (which, ironically, is known and translated as “Pocket Monster“). Not only have I not been up-to-date with all of the new characters and evolutional paths, but even the main characters are different, minus Ash and Pikachu. It was so different listening to a show I grew up on in the US be televised in a different language. Not only did the new characters blow my mind, but so did the language and pitch of their voices!

Then there were movies that were televised on TV. I watched “Jurassic Park” and “Aladdin” in Japanese. It was just so interesting watching scenes I’m familiar with in a language I don’t really understand. Just picture watching the scene with “A Whole New World,” but having no idea what the words are…

Let’s just say, it’s all very interesting to watch…

Wishing on a Star


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