Celebrating Golden Week (part 2)

Part 2 will be filled with info about the last 2 days of my Tokyo/Yokohama trip.


Because we missed out ongoing to the Cup Noodles Museum, we figured we could make it the next day around noon. So that morning we tried to make our way to the famous Tsukiji Market. When we got there…it was closed. (There is a website that says when it is open and closed. However we didn’t check the calendar…we went on a day that usually would be open, however for a reason unknown to us, it was closed…) Close by was a park, so we walked through and admired the…trees? It was kind of peaceful as it was centered in the city, but there weren’t many flowers in bloom. So after wandering around, we decided to head to an advertising exhibit.

 IMG_5007 IMG_5014

It was really interesting getting a glimpse into advertisements from around the world and this exhibit let you interact with videos and movie clips of various forms of advertisements and interviews. It wasn’t limited to video advertisement either. There were pictures and print material too. It was cool to see the progression and history too. One part near the very end were booths set up that played various commercials famous in Japan throughout certain decades. I even got to watch the famous Pepsi commercial with the aluminum man and some funny low-budget ones  that were really catchy.


 Since our noodle dream had to wait one more day, we decided to go to hit up the Yokohama German Festival! We had yummy food, delicious beer (except for Mihi’s little brother), and we listened to some fun music, including some polka! Since there was still time to spend in our day, we decided to go to the movies and we watched “Iron Man 3.” It was great seeing it on the big screen and in English! And thankfully I didn’t have to wait to go to watch it 3 months later! After the movie, we took the train back to Chinatown, and headed home.


On my final day of traveling through Yokohama and Tokyo, we finally got to get our special ticket to the Noodle Museum! We went there in the early morning to the museum to be confronted with a line…so we waited for about 45 minutes, got inside, and grabbed the glorious noodle-making ticket! Luckily, there were options to get in line for later in the afternoon, so we opted for that choice so we could do some more exploring before our noodle-making experience.

IMG_5054Our morning led us to Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture. We got of the train, and walked the streets, looking at various vendors and trinkets. Then we walked a bit more through the crowds and made it to Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu. As we pass through the tori gate, we noticed lots of people (not unusual during Golden Week)…but there was a special celebration happening with music, dancers, and priests in the center, just below the steps ascending to the shrine. IMG_5060


After walking closer and asking some guards, they informed us that it was a celebration in honor of this group of elders who have come to this shrine for years, all over the age of 80. We went to the shrine, did the ritual clapping-bowing, walked around the grounds a little, and headed back to main street for dinner. But we did get some yummy snacks on the way 🙂

We ate dinner at this yummy steak restaurant that Mihi’s family likes to go to when they visit the area. It’s amazing to look oat on the outside with the vines wrapped around the buidling. When you enter, it’s like you’ve escaped from Japan into a quaint European restaurant. We had an amazing lunch–steak, lentils, rice, soup, and dessert. After eating a delicious meal, we realized we needed to book it to catch the next train and make it back toYokohama for our noodle-museum reservation!



Running from the station to the museum, we made it within 5 minutes of our ticket reservation.


IMG_3145After giving your reservation ticket to the attendant, you get in a line. The first step is to pay 100 yen for a white cup noodle cup. Then you wait for a table to clear to seat the number of people in your group. At the table, you find various marker colors and begin your masterpiece. You can draw and decorate your cup with anything as long as it stays within the red lines. They also recommend you write the date in the designated area in order to remember when your cup noodles are still good for. After decorating, then you go to the noodle line. Your noodles are placed into your decorated cup. Then you are able to choose 3 toppings to add into your noodles, as well as the main seasoning. They place your cup in a wrap, it gets sealed with the lid and then you’re finished!

IMG_5085funky IMG_5081My last evening we spent eating a nice dinner, finished packing, and Mihi and her mother drove me to the bus stop. It was such a nice trip, not only seeing the sights, but most importantly getting to spend time with my good friend and her family! It was a great trip and I can’t wait to see them all again one day!

Here’s to adventure and having great friends!

Wishing on a Star

IMG_3249 IMG_3213 IMG_5025 IMG_5020IMG_3189IMG_5047IMG_5091IMG_5018


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