I am not so great about taking the time to sit down and type a blog post. With balancing working a graveyard shift and trying to go out and meet new people and experience different things, I haven’t much time to sit and just let words flow from my brain to my fingertips. I also haven’t journaled in awhile, which is kind of difficult to do with everything I mentioned before. I thought about forgetting to write in one medium or the other, but I just don’t think I will ever be at a point to share my entire life story, the good and the ugly, to the entire world via the internet. In this day and age, it is hard to find privacy or not being found on the internet, so I’ll stick with writing things down on paper…when I have the time to.

Now, getting to the main purpose of this post, I have updates! I have had a few travels that I have been meaning to write about. Although these trips did not occur internationally, they are still significant to the purpose of this blog and of adventures in finding more about this world that we have the privilege of living in for this given amount of unknown time. I will post more about those, hopefully, soon. But the big news I would like to share to the blogging community and friends and family who haven’t heard yet…I GOT ACCEPTED INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL!


I am relieved and excited to embark on this new journey towards a goal and dream I have been working towards all my life. Things have finally paid off! I am very blessed to have had so many amazing people praying for me and keeping positive thoughts for my acceptance into medical school. It is one thing to be awarded/praised for an outstanding job you did. But for me, it is a bigger thing to know that so many people have been wanting the best for you and your dreams and have prayed numerous hours, days, months, and even years for your behalf. Wow! I will be moving to Tucson, Arizona, to start my academic journey towards being a physician. univ_arizona_logo-dataI will have to get used to saying I’m a Wildcat, but I still am a Husky at heart ❤ You can root for your undergraduate and graduate school, right? Blue and red (UA colors) mix to become purple (UW color, in addition to gold). I am very excited to start school, and a little nervous, since it will have been 3 years since the last time I was taking class as an undergraduate. Hopefully, I will share stories about my journey as a medical student, in addition to my usual content.

Here’s to a new journey and new opportunities! And, here’s to hoping I get my act together and post some travel and updated posts!

Wishing on a Star


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