It’s been a LONG TIME since I submitted a post. I started writing one about my recent summer adventures, but that went to the side once school started.

I am hoping that I can take an hour once a week to just write about life in medical school and what’s been going on. Maybe I can share a funny anecdote to cheer someone up, share a hardship to remind others you’re not alone, or just share some fascinating discoveries and adventures I go on.

Lastly, I am thinking about changing my blog. I originally started this blog to discover and share what I was doing on my gap years after graduating from college. I went on so many trips and got to discover really cool things about other cultures and countries. Now, with my life as a medical student, that isn’t as common as before. I want to focus on sharing some important health topics, sharing what it is like to be a medical student, and also to share some things about minority health and health disparities. I think it is important to also consider big issues that people don’t really know much about, like mental health of medical professionals, or dealing with some challenging life decisions and/or circumstances. But I will also share the happy sides, too.

Thanks for stumbling upon this post! If you’ve been a scriber, thanks for sticking in this with me and watching my growth. If you’re new and just glanced upon this, I hope that this blog will maybe shed some light or interesting reads for you.


Wishing on a Star


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